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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

We got the call tonight from the garage in Montana that's been working on our old truck, Betsy. The new engine is in, she's been test-driven, and she's ready to go! Exciting! Jamie & I are scheduled to fly to Montana to get our girl next Saturday, December 12th. We'll spend a couple days with Seth and hit the road Monday, December 14th. The plan is to head south to Vegas and then east to Atlanta.

Long story short for those of you unfamiliar with the story of why an old truck would hold enough sentimental value to us to warrant putting a new engine in her & driving her home across the country: we bought her in 2007 in Alabama after a visit with my dad. Spotted her for sale as we were leaving town, and it was love at first sight for Jamie. She was bought right then with money his mom had left us when she passed away earlier that year. Seth was 13 at the time, but when he got his license three years later, she became his truck. He drove her through high school and then through college. When he was accepted to grad school in Montana, she went with him. Two years ago, she broke down, and we had her parked at a storage facility. There she sat until Jamie visited Seth in June of this year. When Seth turned the key, she cranked up on the very first try. They had her towed to a garage so we could find out what exactly the problem was. Diagnosis: she needed a new engine.

Honestly, Jamie & I were on the same page as soon as we heard the news. She's too good a truck to let go. Betsy is coming home!

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