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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I went to Mexico beach last month to photograph a great event, but I had a secondary mission while I was there--find a piece of driftwood to bring home for a project. The beach there seems quite pristine, so I expected I would have to check thrift stores and yard sales in the area to find what I was looking for.

My friend, Denise, and I took a walk along the beach my first morning there, and much to my delight, I found three beautiful pieces.

Only one met the specific requirements for my project, but the other two pieces were so lovely, I brought them home too.

This one is small, but I love the cragginess of it.

The texture in this one, and the color, are just gorgeous!

But this is my project piece, perfect length and it's flat.

And I LOVE that I found it in Mexico Beach. Perfect fit for my project!

So, what's the project? When I was in Mexico Beach on vacation in July, I dug out of the sand well past the tide line this 18" fluorescent tube. This tube either rode in WITH Hurricane Michael in 2018 or it was in a home that was destroyed in the storm. Either way, something so seemingly fragile survived a Category 5 hurricane. I absolutely want to display it in my home. The idea was tossed out to mount it to a piece of driftwood for display, and so it shall be!

If I were a wordsmith, I'd come up with a great comparison for you of that fluorescent tube to Mexico Beach and her people, but I'm not a wordsmith. I'll just say the strength in Mexico Beach is greater than any hurricane. And she has become near & dear to my heart.

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