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On A Wing And A Prayer

Bonnie knows what this post is gonna tell without having to read it.

Jamie was in the kitchen this morning and was startled and surprised to see fluttering in the butterfly bin. After calling me in--I was dozing in the recliner--we determined that it was Rufus that had emerged from his transformative slumber.

Let me first remind you of his Before Beauty Sleep appearance (though I think he was beautiful before he slept):

And let me remind you of his Sleeping Beauty look:

And this cell phone does not do his delicate beauty justice. He is gorgeous!

We were tickled he was out, amazed at the giant work that went on in that cocoon, and in awe of his perfection.

Bonnie told me to allow his wings to dry for about four hours, and that took us to almost lunchtime. Rain was in the forecast for today, and it was quite overcast & dreary all morning. Just as it was release time however, the clouds parted somewhat, and the sky lightened & brightened.

We took the bin out to the front flowerbed, and I carefully reached in. He climbed right onto my hand.

He stayed still while Jamie grabbed a couple photos.

And then, just like that, he fluttered away...

Higher and higher, up and over the house he went. We went to the backyard to look for him, but he was already off on the next part of his excellent adventure.

We're simple people, it's true. That brought delight and joy to my heart today, and I'm positive Jamie feels the same.

I did get a few closeup photos of Rufus in the bin that better show his color and delicate parts. I'll share those in a future post.

Now we wait for Bill and Ted to make their grand entrances...

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Aug 30, 2023

Beautiful and awesome!


Aug 30, 2023

Awesome! I see a new interest in your future!

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