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It’s Not ALL Squirrelly Here

Okay, it’s quite a bit squirrelly here, but I’m not complaining. It’s certainly taken my mind off my limitations & restrictions.

My days are kinda planned around their feeding schedules. I keep notes on their weight and feeding times & amounts. Jamie is a huge help with that.

Here’s where we started…

Here’s where we are now…

I don’t weigh them every day anymore because squirrels aren’t too keen on sitting still on the scale. Jamie made the spreadsheet for me, back when Nebula was named Baby Groot.

We’re already planning on their release, and a spot has been chosen for the soft release cage—a nice quiet corner of my side yard. Jamie set a post, and we received a delivery today of a 100 ft role of hardware cloth. The cage will measure 7’x7’x7’

Trees to climb when the soft release cage is opened after their period of acclimation.

So yes, it’s pretty squirrelly here, but I have other things going on too.

A couple weeks before my first surgery, we had a spell of frigid cold weather. My greenhouse heat couldn’t keep up the night it got down to 6 degrees, and I lost most of the vegetables I was growing and all my tropical plants in Greenhouse #2. On a whim, I planted some squash seeds a week before surgery. I didn’t expect anything, but it made me feel better. Well…those seeds grew and grew, and Jamie moved them outside for me this week.

It’s called Hasta la Pasta squash. Spaghetti squash. I’m so tickled!

I lost all my lettuce to the cold, but I planted more about three weeks ago. Lookie, lookie!

I’ve also got some beautiful celery growing and a couple buckets of onions. I love to cut fresh onion for my food. I had some beautiful cauliflower that I think survived the cold. Alas, they couldn’t survive The Jack. That’s right, I caught him red-handed eating the cauliflower right off the plant!

Greenhouse #1, my succulent greenhouse, fared better in the cold, and now I have some cacti putting on a show.

I can’t wait for this bud to open!

This lovely Gerber Daisy lives in that same greenhouse.

Totally off topic, but I found the PERFECT tee shirt.

I’ve also been doing some cooking…yes, I can cook! Pork chops in the instant pot. The recipe is called Best Damn Instant Pot Pork Chops, and they’re delicious! Tender, juicy, yum!

I’ve also found the best creamed corn recipe, and it’s made in the Instant Pot too. I love love love Instant Pot cooking! The photo is off all the ingredients before it’s cooked—it’s got an entire stick of butter, cubed, and an entire block of cream cheese, cubed, along with heavy cream and bacon grease. It’s the best creamed corn I’ve ever had!

I also cooked in the crockpot something called Mississippi Pot Roast. Best. Roast. Ever!

I squirrel sat for our cousin last week while she was out of town. Little Gracie Ann stayed four days with us. Isn’t she adorable?

That last photo took us back to squirrelly, didn’t it? I guess we are a little nuts.

There’s other things going on, but that’s another post for another day.

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Mar 31, 2023

What time is dinner? Everything looks yum! You all (y’all) look great…yes the squirrels too.😜

Mar 31, 2023
Replying to

Did you just say “y’all”? I bet you said it in your head too as you typed it. ❤️

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