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Fourteen Days

Day 1:

Fourteen days later…

At the lightning pace he’s growing, he’ll very soon be too big for the little bin he’s currently occupying. He can’t have free run of the house because of Roscoe and Jack, so we’ve hooked him up with a great habitat.

Sometime in the next two weeks, he’ll move into the bottom section only. He’ll stay there while he’s perfecting his climbing abilities. Then we’ll open the top section for him, probably take out the second floor and put in a tree branch. He has to practice his jumping skills, and he can do some of that in there. Most of it will come from his out-of-cage time.

And just in case anyone is worried Jack and Roscoe aren’t getting sufficient attention & love with Kevin here, let me assure you they are. We all (minus Kevin-pups & squirrel will NEVER meet) snugged for a nap during the rain today.

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