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He’s A Squirrel

I’ve enjoyed every stage of Little Monster’s development, but I must admit this current stage is particularly fun because he’s so curious.

I was in his room trying to sweep…

When I finally managed to finish, he had to check out the dustpan. Making sure I wasn’t tossing something good, I guess…

In other news, we made some changes to his living arrangements. Instead of getting out-of-the cage time a couple times a day, we turned the room back into his habitat and leave the cage open all the time. He immediately built a nest in the chifforobe and quit sleeping in the cage altogether.

We brought in a couple good sized branches and mounted them to the wall. Hey, squirrels need trees, right?

We added a floor to ceiling cat tree for him.

I even hung his nesting cube from a limb, and I see today that he’s using it again.

For those of you with keen eyes, yes that IS a roll of toilet paper on the tree limb. Kevin likes to pull squares off and stuff in his nest.

Some days, he won’t stay off me. Other times, like this evening, he’s across the room doing little squirrel things—chewing, exploring, not paying me a bit of attention—as I sit and type this. That's him across the room on the lower shelf...

We had a good long wrestling match after I typed all this, and then he hopped in his cube to go night night. Love that little guy to pieces!

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