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Here I Go Again

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

It’s been quite a busy year for me with lots of time spent away from home for work. Today, once again, I pulled out the suitcase and packed for a trip. I see the tag from my last trip is still on the suitcase.

I’ll be leaving Sunday evening for Mexico Beach to spend nine days with two of my favorite gals.

The sweet and shy Clover....

....and the fun rambunctious Ivy. (She could give Roscoe a run for his money on ball chasing.)

I'll miss my family terribly--really, I will. It will be the first Thanksgiving in 27 years that Jamie & I will spend apart. But it IS nine days at one of my most favorite spots on this earth with beautiful weather forecasted and gorgeous sunsets on the beach to be viewed. I'll not be complaining. I'm grateful for the opportunity and pleased my friends won't have to worry about their pups.

Yep, me & these sweet ladies will be hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing. How will we stand the excitement?

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1 comentário

22 de nov. de 2020

That will be wonderful!! I will be looking forward to sunset pictures for sure then!! And pupper pics as well! Clover looks so sweet!!! Of course Ivy does, too, but that picture of Clover sticking her head out around the door is so sweet!!!

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