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We’ve Landed…

Updated: Apr 9

It was quite the day yesterday. We started out in Georgia and headed west. About 90 miles later, we saw this sign. I can never drive in or through Alabama without thinking about my dad. And Forest Gump.

Jamie drove some, I drove some…actually, Jamie drove alot, and I drove a little. Roxy navigated.

But on my little part of the driving, I drove us right in to the next state. We’re simple people (and dinosaur), so we stopped for photos at the Welcome Center.

And then we were off again.

I drove us to the Love’s station just west of Tupelo…there’s a song in there somewhere. We fueled up, and Jamie took over driving.

Roxy was still navigating, and Jamie was complaining about having to look at velociraptor butt while he drove.

Night was falling as we crossed into the next state.

The sky got a little sketch looking…

And the rain came as we were driving through Memphis.

I sure was glad Jamie was driving instead of me. And I was glad Roxy was navigating.

Thankfully, we caught only the tail end of the storm, and the skies cleared as we left Memphis.

A little farther, and we crossed the Mighty Mississippi River and drove into Arkansas.

About 9:00, we pulled into a Days Inn in little Wynne, Arkansas, and got a room for the night.

We ate a bite of supper we packed, but Roxy was tired and put in her earbuds & went right to sleep.

Scenes from this morning before we got back on the road…

I forgot my hairdryer, so I had to use the low-power hotel one. Hair is a little flat today.

Jamie got the car loaded while I got ready.

Roxy is ready to go!

We’re in the car and ready to go. Driver and navigator are in their places.

Heading west again…

Stay tuned…

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