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I Don't Understand It All, But...

My son, Seth, has been published! He's a graduate student at Montana State University working on his PhD in Physics. If he can get published twice more, he can graduate next spring. He tells us it's an ambitious goal but not an impossible one. Either way, Jamie & I are so proud of him for so many reasons!

I don't expect you to read it all, but I've included his paper in full below--it's 21 pages! I'm making my way through it, albeit slowly. I'm sure I'll get the author to explain to me the parts I don't understand. He's very good about bringing the complicated down to a level I can understand.

On a side note, the post cover image of him (and I've included it at the end too) is one of my very very favorites--so much so that I've never deleted the original off the camera card. It was taken on the Georgia Tech campus in 2016 not long before he graduated with a Bachelor's in Physics. The other photo at the end is more recent, taken a couple years ago when he & Faith visited. His beard is longer now, and his hair hasn't been cut in a year; I'll spare you that image.

One proud papa...

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Impressive! I understood every word....of the first sentence..

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