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If It Fits, It Ships

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I do my best to support the local Mexico Beach economy. When Jamie & I were here in July, we did so by eating at just about every restaurant in town. This trip, I visited & made purchases in several of the local shops. Ha! to Jamie if he thought sending me on a plane would limit my shopping. It did present a problem though, because my suitcase was stuffed just to get here; there's definitely not gonna be room for extras.

No worries! Flat rate shipping boxes to the rescue! The only question was could I get everything to fit in that box.

Success! Yes, even the turtle is snug & secure.

.....and then I remembered I had several gifts from Denise that also needed to get to my house--gifts for my pups, gifts for Jamie, & gifts for me. Too much to fit in the already full box I had just packed, and too much to fit in my suitcase. What to do, what to do.

Second box to the rescue, and it's full too.

I'll make a run this morning to the post office, and there's a slight chance these boxes will beat me home. Still cheaper than buying and checking a second suitcase at the airport Wednesday.

Too much work. A nap may be in order.

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1 comentário

01 de dez. de 2020

Wow. I was going to suggest wearing a lot more clothes home. It’s really cold here and you could probably tolerate it weather/temperature wise. You probably made a wiser choice though.

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