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In Other News

How about a summary of things going on in my life?

I chopped off my hair. Short & sassy for the upcoming hot weather. Many thanks to Lisa, my fabulous hair artist!

My friends, Bonnie & Phil, honored me greatly when they chose one of my Mexico Beach sunset images to print large & frame for one of the walls in their home.

I'm seeing a chiropractor for a pinched nerve that's causing pain in my shoulder and tingling & numbness down my arm in to my hand. One of the perks of visiting his office is his sweet pup who will come in the room & keep you company til the doctor comes in. Isn't she beautiful?

In Jamie news, he's got a surprise trip planned for me in May, and I have a surprise trip planned for him in June. He's working even more than me, but we try to have breakfast together every morning and supper together each evening. And we don't eat in front of the t.v. anymore, only at the table so we can talk. I love it!

I've finished the giant project that kept me running day & night the last couple months, but work is not slowing down. I have at least ten sessions before the end of the month, and then I'm gonna try my best to take off as much of the month of May as I can.

I have had a slow-ish week, so I started setting up my little garden area out front. All plants are out of the greenhouses. There's still MUCH to do, but I already love sitting out there. Check back for updates.

Because I've spent quite a bit of time out front this week, the pups have been allowed more time out front with me. The Littles roam free because they do pretty good to stay in the yard--you gotta watch Ollie though, she'll slip out quiet as a mouse if you take your eyes off her. Roscoe, on the other hand, has to be on a leash, but he does very very well with it. I have two 10-foot leashes joined to his regular leash, and it gives him good coverage of the yard. He loves it out front and lays around, sometimes not wanting to go inside when it's time. Yesterday evening, we were out front with Roscoe & Jack, and the neighbors came out. Roscoe ran over to greet them, and Jack zoomed by a couple times because he was excited. Then Roscoe got excited, and he "zoomed" too.....and the two 10-foot leashes separated from the regular leash, and Roscoe was free. And he knew it. Everyone froze, holding our collective breath waiting to see if he was gonna bolt. (That's his usual M.O.) Nobody panicked, nobody yelled, and Jamie called Roscoe to him. He zoomed across the yard a couple times and then made a beeline for Jamie and went in to a Down position. He never left the yard, and we were so proud!

In Jack news, his eye finally healed. If you remember, a couple months ago, he sustained an injury when he & Roscoe were trying to play. It didn't seem bad at first, but after nearly two weeks of medication, it looked even worse. The abrasion had healed, but it was still swollen & bulge-y, and he didn't seem to have complete control of it. The night before his third (or was it fourth) vet visit, it looked so bad that I was sure the vet would tell us the next day that they needed to take it out.

But I'm happy to say, thanks to my wonderful hubby taking such good care of little Jack by keeping him in his cone for almost two weeks AND putting steroid cream in his eye every day, Jack has made a complete recovery. I was out of town for two weeks, and it all fell on Jamie. He did it all! Not the best photo below, but you can see the difference.

In Ollie news, I have no photos because she won't be still for a minute, but take my word for it when I tell you she's still full of piss & vinegar and sass and attitude. We only THOUGHT she was stubborn & hard-headed when she was young. She's showing us that times a hundred, and now that she's knocking on 15, she simply doesn't care what we think or say. Love that girl!!!

In other Roscoe news, he killed another snake in the backyard. No photo because we didn't see it; Jamie found what was left of it today & disposed of it. It's Roscoe's backyard, and he wants all little critters to know he's watching it. Even when he's not out there, he's watching...

He's always watching.

So that's what's up in my world....what's up in yours?

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Apr 15, 2021

Lots going on! Hope you get that break in May.! The pups are as entertaining as ever. Glad Jack’s eye healed up.


Apr 15, 2021

Love that bn Puc of Roscoe from below!!!

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