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It’s Been A Minute

Here’s some puppy love for you since I’ve been remiss in posting. I’ll try to catch up more in the next few days.

Roscoe went to the vet. Here he is at the checkout window waiting to pay. Lol! Not really, he wants his treat!

The vet staff say he’s the only dog that does it, and they reward him handsomely for it.

Jack jumped up to the table when Jamie got up.

Seriously, being six inches tall doesn’t stop him.

We‘ve been spending a lot of time out front in my garden area. The pups love it, especially Jack. He never wants to go in and acts like a petulant child when you make him.

Here’s Roscoe doing a little off leash training. He was on point this day, but the next time we tried, he bolted. Across the street, behind the houses, and into the woods. Sigh....we got him back fairly quickly and have paused off leash training for a bit.

Miss Ollie got her nails dremeled and was as good a girl as a feisty 14 year old who hates having her nails done can be.

Roscoe got a new toy for his birthday.

Jack went on a car ride to the Home Depot.

And we all got good snuggle time.

Ollie is a bit camera shy these days, but we catch her here and there.

It‘s a pup’s life here, that’s for sure.

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Jun 17, 2021

Love the pups!


May 30, 2021

Love the photos! Sounds like everyone is doing well.😍

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