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Just Wanted To Share

I'm four weeks post-surgery and feeling great! My appointment yesterday went well, and all is healing nicely. I go back in three weeks and will possibly get the okay to start exercising a little bit.

Dr. Bahair Ghazi with Atlanta Plastic And Reconstructive Specialists. Named one of Atlanta's top doctors and loved, respected, and recommended by Jamie and me. I can't say enough good things about him and his entire office.

Cathy, his scheduler. I love this lady! She is kind and compassionate and took such good care getting my surgeries scheduled at The Women's Center at Northside Hospital. She always comes out to talk to us when I have an appointment with Dr. Ghazi.

New dress. New shoes. My friend, Sandy, and I went shopping last week. We hit the Clearance racks at Dillards, and I came home with this outfit. I was adamant that I would NOT buy shoes, but Sandy found these and said they had my name all over them. (Daisies are my favorite flower.) It was the only pair, they fit perfectly, and they were 65% off! How could I say no?

The dress has pockets!

Closeup of the shoes...fabulous!

Happy Tuesday y'all!!!

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Sep 12, 2023


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