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Mornings With The Guardians

They’re not babies anymore. This is what most mornings are like after they’ve had their healthy blocks, their formula, and their veggies and flowers. This is life right now at the Kimbrell Guardian Hacienda.

The soft release cage is nearing completion, and in a week, we’ll move The Guardians outside into it for their transition phase.

They’ll have a proper nesting box instead of a fleece nappy.

Within a month after they go in, a small portal door to the outside world will be opened, and they’ll be free to go. They may come and go for a bit while they transition to the outside world, and I’ll continue to put food in the cage as long as they do. I kinda expect Yondu will be out in a flash, flip me off, and go conquer the squirrel world.

But that will be it. They’ll be on their own, living their best squirrel lives.

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1 Comment

Apr 24, 2023

They’re so cute when they are wrestling!

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