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My Little BattleAx

Ollie has ruled this roost for quite a number of years. Though she's only six inches tall, she's fierce. Roscoe has a very healthy fear of her, enough to keep him from taking anything away from her. He comes by that honest; she's smacked him down & inflicted a small amount of pain from time to time and taught him to respect her authority & position.

Even Chevy, who was the undisputed alpha of the house, had a measure of respect for her. She was the only pup he wouldn't chase out of his bed. He wanted to, but she didn't give a flip if he wanted her there or not--she was staying.

She's fearless. If a thunderstorm pops up, Roscoe & Jack will hightail it inside to their safe spots while Ollie will run outside to see what the hell is going on. (her words, not mine.) She's relentless. One night the pups got after a possum in the backyard. After a while, Chevy, Roscoe, & Jack gave up & came in the house while Ollie stayed out. Some time later, in she strolled through the dog door toting the possum she had caught & killed.

She's my pup with attitude. You can chase her out of the kitchen and she just circles the table & comes right back in. If she had a middle finger, she'd be waving it at you the entire time. She simply does not care what you say; she's gonna do what she wants.

She's a tough old bird. Three times she's injured her back seriously enough to not be able to use her back legs, and each time she's battled back to full mobility. She's stiff-legged and slower now and doesn't try to jump at all. But she's perky & peppy & bouncy & happy & full of life.

And tomorrow (Wednesday) she's getting a much needed dental and having an abscessed tooth pulled. This is something that came up over the weekend. Her surgery was originally scheduled for March 10th, but they had a cancellation for tomorrow & asked if we'd like the spot. I know she'll feel better once that tooth is out, but I'm a little nervous. She's my old girl--14 1/2 years old, and she hasn't been under anesthesia in the last 14 years. So any good thoughts you could send to this little sweetie--because she really is a little sweetie--would be much appreciated.

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Post #29


Feb 24, 2021

Of course thoughts and prayers for her!!!!! Dogs are so funny the way they establish their pack ranking.


Feb 24, 2021

Ollie is such a sweetheart. I’ll never forget Jamie warning me the she could be the protector of the house when I first met her. Ha! We bonded immediately.. Good thoughts and prayers for that little girl. She will do fine. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

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