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My New Desk Is Finished!

What do you get when you take a slab of wood....

and pair it with old trellises you found at an antique market?

You get a gorgeous fabulous one-of-a-kind desk!

My friend, Steve Alwes, is an artist working with wood, and he did a masterful job on the desk top.

I love the edge he left on it!

His son, Noah, cut the trellises for the legs and welded a piece to each so they could be bolted to the slab. Jamie sprayed the legs with a satin clear coat. I considered painting them but decided I'd rather see the natural aged iron. Satin finish because I wanted neither a glossy or flat finish--just a touch of sheen.

The finished slab was delivered today, and Jamie bolted the legs to it. I didn't want the tower sitting on the desk, so he also built a little rolling shelf for it to make it easy for me to access the back. My cell phone photography does no justice to the beauty. It's gorgeous!

My side of our home office has gone from this....ugh!

To this....

I'm a very happy camper tonight!

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2021년 7월 04일

Really beautiful!!

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