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My (Soon To Be) New Desk

I have a ginormous corner desk that takes up so much space. Besides holding my computer equipment, which is very necessary to my work, it holds a lot of other stuff that's not so necessary. And because it's so big, it's easy to pile things up on the one end. I've grown tired of all the clutter. Take a look....

I could easily get rid of most of what's sitting to the right of the computer and never miss any of it.

I thought about what I wanted instead and decided a long single shelf table would give me the space I need and the clean look I want. After perusing the internet and narrowing down what I wanted, I started looking around antique markets and thrift stores for an older piece that would work. I didn't find anything that fit the bill perfectly: either the dimensions weren't right if I liked the look or the look wasn't right if the dimensions were close.

One day it hit me out of the blue that I know somebody who makes fantastic furniture pieces from wood. Enter Steve Alwes, the artist who made my fabulous river table....

We talked, and I gave him an idea of what I wanted. I didn't have specifics, like type of wood or even what the legs should look like. Having seen a lot of his work, I trusted completely that he would create something wonderful. I mentioned I liked the idea of mixing the wood table top with iron legs if he thought it would be possible. If not, I was fine with all wood.

A few days later, Jamie & I were working in Barnesville, Georgia, and had some time between jobs, so we stopped at a local antique market to browse. There, propped against the outside of the building, in all their rusted glory, were my table legs. Old trellises actually, but I KNEW the instant I saw them they were perfect. (Steve hadn't even told me yet that we could do iron legs.) Turns out, the trellises had belonged to the mother of the lady who owned the antique market, and she was happy to hear they would be used again. Bought them on the spot, and Jamie went back a few days later in his truck to pick them up.

There were only three, but they're long enough to get four legs out of them.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Steve wondered aloud to Jamie if I would be interested in a slab of wood for the table instead of boards. I'd LOVE a slab instead of boards, but I didn't think I could afford a slab instead of boards. He says I might be surprised, and he'll look around I set a price, and for a piece that will knock my socks off, I'm willing to go a little bit higher, and he absolutely can use his judgment to get the piece he thinks best. No approval needed from me; I trust him.

Welp, here's my slab. Hickory. And this is Before Sanding...

And here it is the first time I laid eyes on it....

It will be cut to be about 5' long with the extra used to make a small half shelf to go underneath to hold my tower & external drives. No, it's not a straight line, and I don't want it to be.

Yesterday, Jamie cleaned off the trellises and took them to Steve to see if they'll work. I received these photos, and I'm over the moon!

I even got a peek at how it will look stained....

Steve's son, Noah, is gonna take the legs to work and cut them to size and weld a plate to each one to attach it to the slab. Steve's daughter, Hannah (who is an artist too), is gonna give some ideas on finishing the legs for maximum impact.

I'm thrilled! I can't wait for it to be finished!

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Apr 15, 2021

Beautiful!!! Jelly!


Apr 14, 2021


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