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My Sweet Boys

I don't share nearly enough of these two. They kinda took a back seat in photos when Kevin came on the scene. But they are the best little pack, and they are loved, adored, and spoiled every single day.

Little Jack....he's as sweet as the day is long....born to be a lap dog, and THE best snuggle buddy. He's always ready to take a nap with us, and he's like a little electric blanket in the winter.

He's got a little growth on his eyelid, a skin tag or something like that. It doesn't bother him, and the vet says nothing to worry about unless it gets big enough to interfere with his vision. We plan on having it removed this winter when he has a dental done.

He thinks my rocking chair is HIS bed, and he'll race me to it.

And my Roscoe. Though I call him mine, he's 100% Jamie's pup. Jamie is Roscoe's human. Still, I love him to the moon & back, and he makes me laugh every day.

He's come so far since the days of his Before Life. This pup KNOWS this is home, we're his family, and he is loved.

He's a happy boy, and his tail is always wagging.

For those of you who have followed his story from the beginning, he still loves his toys and still carries Green Man around. And he's stopped destroying blankets & beds. He's our big baby. Our big squishy face baby.

He's nearly bomb-proof, but thunderstorms send him to our bed, and he still can't be unleashed in the front yard. But my word, this boy has come soooo far.

My boys.

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Post #29


Aug 29, 2022

Love them.❤️ The first image of Roscoe is incredibly well done. Love the light.

Aug 29, 2022
Replying to

The sweet smoochable face of Roscoe…

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