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Never Bite

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I received an Amazon delivery yesterday. I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon, so I was quite curious about what I'd find.

Apparently, some sweet soul has gifted me this book--no note or card & no name, so I haven't a clue who it was. I hope it is someone who visits here & reads my blog once in a while, so he or she will know how much I LOVE the book! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

And now I'm gonna share with you some of my favorite pages, whose words and/or photo speaks to me.

Can anyone guess why this page might be a favorite of mine?

Be yourself. Fakery has to be exhausting.

This one isn't always easy to do, but I believe what you look for is what you'll find.

Not just a little bit, Big loud side-splitting laughter. It's good for the soul.

The only thing I would change about this one would be to take out the words "Strive to". Inside beauty always bubbles to the outside.

Know thyself, and love thyself.

What a great idea for a book! It got me thinking....What advice would my own pups contribute to a book? So I asked them, and here's their replies.

"Always expect that someone is about to throw a ball." ~Roscoe

"Always be up for a snuggle." ~Jack

"Always do what you want." ~Ollie

No, Ollie, you can't ALWAYS do what you want.

"Yes, you can. I do what I want."

Not always.

"Yes, always."

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I love your changes and additions!



Love this and love your additions!



oh I love this so much! You should do a book! I bet it would be fantastic! Such a nice gift to get!

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