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New Babies!

No, it's not squirrels. Sigh....but the time isn't right for me to raise more squirrel babies. Instead, I'm "Momma" to a couple little Black Swallowtail caterpillars. Here's the story:

I made a pot of soup today. I went out to my bucket garden and cut a big bunch of parsley to go in to the broth I was making. Once the soup was finished, I went back out to the garden to cut more parsley to chop for color & seasoning. And that's when I spotted them--munching away on my parsley.

Why, hello there, little guys....

I texted my friend, Bonnie, who is my go-to expert; she's the queen of caring for little Monarch caterpillars and releasing them when they become beautiful butterflies. "Are these Monarch butterfly caterpillars?" I asked. Nope, she very quickly clued me in on what they are and what they eat---parsley, dill, and fennel.

They have many predator enemies, including lizards and wasps, both of which can be found in & around my garden. So you know my Momma instincts kicked in, and I got these guys set up and protected in a plastic bin on my dining room table with lots of yummy parsley.

Bonnie called me and gave me more information and tips. I learned that these guys will most likely devour all my parsley before they each make their chrysalis. Bonnie thinks that will happen soon, and it will give me something to watch while I'm recovering.

When they emerge, they will look like these images I pulled off Google...


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Aug 14, 2023

You're the most nurturing baby mama I've eve known. You've been a boy mama a couple times and a bird mama, a squirrel mama numerous times, and now a bug mama. No matter what language, you hear MAMA! and your head pops up. Oh, I forgot, also a Grandmama!

Aug 14, 2023
Replying to

I ❤️ you, Mickey. We met because of a baby bird.

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