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New Collars

The boys recently got new collars. Aren't they adorable?

"I am Batman."

And don't forget his trusty sidekick...

To the vet...oh no! Robin, your collar is on upside down!

Roscoe is excited to show off his new collar. And see one of his pupsitters, Karissa. And ask for a treat. (Probably mostly to ask for a treat.)

What good boys!

The collar maker is Greyt Collar. I know you can find Matthew on FB,and here's a link to his site. My dogs have several of his collars. Quality made, recommend 100%.

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2 Kommentare

30. Juli 2023

You're very fortunate in that the boys look different enough to tell them apart. Unfortunately for me, Siamese cats are like ice cubes and just damn cats. Sally is older and you know who she is because if you get close enough, she will slap at you or try to bite. Roxy used to wear a bright red collar and it was easy to spot her until Anita gave her a new collar that lasted about an hour. She put the red collar back on and it lasted about an hour. Roxy learned she didn't like collars. Now the only way to be sure which Roxy is, is to put food in the bowls and she will be first t…

Gefällt mir

30. Juli 2023

“The Boys” got new collars! Cute….Bateman and Robin…which one did Jamie get?😜😂

Gefällt mir
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