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New Desk Update

I paid a visit a couple days ago to Steve and Charlene and checked on the progress of my desk. It’s stained and first coat of epoxy has been applied. I love it!

Look at that edge! It’s gorgeous!!

And here’s a fabulous twist: the slab was cut to about 5 feet. It was planned that the extra would be cut in half and one piece used as a half shelf underneath to hold my computer tower and external drives. Steve called me and told me that he had grown quite attached to the piece and it was so nice that he hated to cut it. Would I like a small table with that part instead? Yes, absolutely! The half shelf will be underneath and mostly unseen, and it doesn’t matter what wood it’s made out of. Here‘s my table, and Steve was right—too pretty to cut.

it measures about 30“ x 27“, and I had to decide what I wanted to use the table for so I could pick the right legs for it. I decided on a project table I could stand at while working, so I needed longer legs than say a coffee table or end table would require. I found these 36” iron tube legs on Etsy, and I think they’ll be perfect. They’ll arrive in early May.

Stay tuned.

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20 abr 2021

Looks awesome!

Me gusta
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