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No Catchy Title

Head shot session for a literacy group today meant test photos for the photographer and her assistant.

Did I tell y'all I chopped off my hair. Long-ish is nice, but I love the short! Photo courtesy of Jamie.

An interesting extra: Jamie captured my best side--the back of my head. You can see I still have a couple patches of color hanging on for dear life. Wish they'd go white already. And wow, it's a little thin looking back there.

And on a more serious note, this man....Jamie....he assists me with my work in so many ways and in all the times I need help. Even if we're fussing and he's angry with me-well deserved in most cases; I'm a handful-he helps me, and I appreciate him. But I love love love when he helps me when we're not fussing. It's a happy fun time, and I love his smile and the way his eyes twinkle.

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Feb 20, 2021

Um...can i post a picture here? My most favorite capture of Jamie’s sweet and loving personality is in a place that’s hard to get to for me but it’s just Jamie being Jamie. and obviously I don’t know him anything close to as well as Adrianne knows him but it’s my most favorite picture of him in real life or on camera. It’s a true treasure. I’ll find it and post it on here soon. Also, that’s not thinning hair, Adrianne. That’s a cowlick. That’s all. You’re hair is TO DIE FOR!!! I love it so much!!! And it’s natural. That’s the most admirable part of all!!! Didn’t mean to take your blog hostage but I just love y’all m…

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