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Not Allowed!

The pups at the Kimbrell home aren’t allowed in the kitchen when we cook and while we’re eating. Are we consistent with this rule? We try to be, but we aren’t perfect with it. Roscoe is here this evening to show you why we have to try harder.

Roscoe wandered into the kitchen/dining room this evening just as we were finishing our meal, and we didn’t chase home out.

Here, in photos, is how that turned out:

He‘s such a goober!! He makes me laugh every single day! Jamie says he’s rotten with a capital R, and I say I’m so glad he’s living the Rotten Life!

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Feb 11, 2021

Ya can’t help but love him! He always puts a smile on my face too❣️


Feb 11, 2021

Oh my he is so BAD!!!!!! But I just want to kiss him on his big ole head!!!

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