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Not Embarrassing Photos

Good morning, and Happy Sunday. If you saw Jamie’s post from Friday, you know that I’m away from home for a few days. (Hoping I don’t see those embarrassing photos he mentioned.) I’m in Ohio, visiting and helping a friend.

I know I’ve been lax about posting—work has been crazy—so I thought I’d share a few new photos from my garden.

My garden is my happy place, my zen place, my peaceful place. I love sitting out watching the butterflies and the hummingbirds.

Of course, the spot was built around all my succulents, but I’ve added plenty of flowers to attract the flying critters. I’ve had great success with almost every plant I’ve touched this summer, and I’m just about ready to throw off the #NotAGreenThumb moniker.

The hummingbirds have become one of the main attractions for me, and in just the last couple of weeks, their numbers have multiplied. Jamie jokes that they’re like swarming bees when you step outside. I added another feeder and now have seven placed around the yard, and they’re all enjoying high traffic. I don’t know if the increase is due to babies leaving the nests or grownups heading back south & stopping in on the way or something else. Whatever the reason, it thrills me and gives me ample opportunity to photograph them.

They’re out in the rain, so I am too

Ruby throated hummingbird. I think this guy is the bully of my flock. I stalk him a little bit because he’s so beautiful.

This little one looks like he’s had a bit of a rough day. Looks like how I feel after a long day of work.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.

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29 août 2021

Love the images! Do you know? I have not had 1 hummingbird since the time I mentioned it to you…6 weeks ago maybe. ( at least none have been seen) I will move the feeder to the front yard with hopes that they find it. I have 2 vines of always blooming red mandevilla there.

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