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Not #NotAGreenThumb Anymore

It doesn’t fit me anymore!

I told myself if ever I could bring an orchid to bloom, I would throw away that hashtag name forever.

It’s taken three years, much trial and error, a dead plant, and several bouts of “I’m just gonna throw them out and forget about it!” But I’m here to tell you my perseverance has finally paid off.

Finally! Isn’t she gorgeous??!!

So what did I do to achieve this? What didn’t I do besides stand on my head? The winning formula seems to be this: before repotting, I soaked my potting medium in hot water and allowed it to cool completely. I placed the orchids (I have four) on a tray of rocks and kept water in the tray for humidity. I placed the tray under a grow light—not really technically a grow light, just an under counter light I bought at Home Depot. I watered once a week and fertilized every other watering. And then, most importantly, I quit fretting over them and let them do their thing.

This is my setup. I moved the lovely that’s blooming when the flower stem got too tall.

Something must be working because…

I have a flower stem on another orchid!!! HooRay!!

Not to be outdone, my cacti collection is about to show out!!!

Bye-bye #NotAGreenThumb!!

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2 comentários

03 de abr. de 2022

We have not had a lot of success with orchids 🥺

04 de abr. de 2022
Respondendo a

This is my first success. They’re a bit finicky, it seems to me.

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