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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

My friend, Sandy, takes me to the pool every week. We hang out, float around the pool, have endless conversation, and sometimes order & sip on an adult beverage-no adult beverages today though. It's wonderful peaceful friend time, and I appreciate her gifting me this day of relaxation each week.

Every week I have eyeballed the diving board, watched the kids jumping & diving from it, and thought, "I used to do that." Every week I joke with Sandy that I'm gonna get up there and dive off. We laugh and laugh about that. I'm older, I'm slightly afraid of heights now, I don't wanna splat on the water. And I've had muscles in my back cut and moved; I don't know if it will move the way it needs to dive. So I don't.

Today, in the course of conversation, we talked about the No of life. If you don't ask, the answer is automatically No. I thought about that later while looking again at the diving board--I definitely can't dive off the diving board if I don't even try.


But what I really wanted to do was this...this is what it had taken me weeks to work up the courage to try.

Fear conquered. And I'm grateful for the yoga classes I've been taking that are strengthening my back. And my friend, Sandy, for celebrating with me.

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