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Please Forgive Me

Those of you who subscribe to my blog and receive email notification of new posts may have found your inbox inundated with notifications from me. I did some cleanup work to the blog tonight, adding category tags to all the posts. I had to re-publish each and every post for the tag to show. If you received an email for every updated post, I apologize. I'm still learning as I go.

To (hopefully) make up for that, I'm gonna share a photo heavy post of my pups tonight. They're always a popular subject.

I don't know if it's the cooler temperatures or the pups gelling as a pack, but lately, the three of them have been doing quite a bit of snuggling together. Of course, it's always on Roscoe's bed, so it could just be that The Littles are not respecting his spot. Whatever it is, I love their togetherness.

Roscoe.....the sweet face that I love. And the look he gives me to get whatever he wants.

And here's the little Old Miss, snuggling on her blankie in my room this morning. How one girl can be so sweet and such an aggravating cuss at the same time is beyond me!

Jamie says Roscoe is Dennis the Menace, but honestly, the only reason Jack doesn't hold the title is because he's only six inches tall. Even so, he manages to get in to his fair share of, leave your chair pushed out from the table and turn around to find this...

....and the only reason he stopped there is because caught him. We have walked in to the room to find him ON the table!

But the boy is sweet sweet sweet even in his mischief. Leave the bedroom door open, and you may walk in to find this...that's him on the bed tucked quietly under the pillows. A place he's NOT supposed to be.

Speaking of snuggling in the bed, this is how the The Big snuggles on the rare occasion he sleeps in the bed with us. (although lately, Jamie has been finding him curled in a ball on the couch.)

Did somebody say "couch?" Jamie's Little Buddy snuggles with him on the couch, usually in the evenings. Under a blanket. Tucked in by Jamie.

Sweet babies that make me laugh every single day.

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Always love seeing the pups



There was no issues with emails at my end. I enjoy your daily blog. The pups are adorable! Loved the image of Jack under the covers in your bed!

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