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This is the look you give when you get your first look at the results of your surgery, and everything looks AMAZING!! And you know you're almost at the end of the recovery road! And you're stronger and better!

And I have to tell you about this lady...Ms. Suni. If you have surgery at The Women's Center at Northside Hospital, you'll meet her. She's the lady who will check you in, walk you back to Pre-Op & get you settled, and even check on you in Post-Op. She's also the one who checks in the person with you and makes sure he or she understands how to follow your progress on the digital board. She is a sweetheart and perfect in her role. She's been there, smiling, through all five of my surgeries this year, and I think she's an angel.

We stopped in today before my appointment to see her & deliver a card & banana nut bread to her. We also took extra for the Post-Op nurses-Lorraine was my nurse last week-and Suni delivered that for us. I told her I'd miss her, and she told us we could come see her anytime.

I've been so blessed through all of this.

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