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I’m looking through photos and videos I’ve taken the last few days and thought I’d share some things. No particular order to these; I’ll just post them as I see them.

Rachel and Patrick cooked supper for us yesterday, and we ate on the back deck. Chicken wasn’t on the menu, but this lovely lady hung out with us. Forgive me, Rachel…I know her sister’s name is Virginia Spice, but I’m spacing on this one’s name. I had two of her eggs today though, and they were delicious!

My sweet Roscoe, the best dog ever. Such a good boy.

Food for The Guardians after they finish their Healthy Blocks.

The liquid is a special formula, which they take from a syringe. They’re weaning, but I can’t rush the process.

They also get flowers and sticks & twigs daily. Grass and sand too and other wild things I find outside. They love love love roses.

I’m reworking the guest bedroom. I took out the full size bed and put in a twin. My friend, Sandy, was getting rid of this rack, and I knew the instant I saw it that it would make a great quilt rack.

Rocket Man

One of my cacti. He’s really showing out.

It’s actually two cacti grafted together. I thought about separating the two and rooting the top cactus, but he blooms, so pretty just as he is so I haven’t done it.

Gerber Daisy putting on a show too.

Nebula snuck out of the cage twice in the last few days, both times when I was trying to put something in.

Toilet paper rolls and squirrels go together like peas and carrots. I think I enjoy watching them play as much as they enjoy playing.

They love playing on the roll hanging in the upper part of the cage too.


Another friend I made the other day.

Pretty sure he was telling me to back off.

I did a job Friday, my first in months.

Finally, little Yondu has become very territorial where the cage is concerned. My presence irritates her to no end, and she will jump, bark, and claw at me when I’m cleaning out the cage each evening. She’s a grumpy little girl. Still adorable but grumpy.

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Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy
29 apr 2023

Sporty Spice is her name!! We love them both. And enjoy their eggs often.

Mi piace
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