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Road Trip!!!

Yes, the suitcases are packed again, and we’ve hit the road.

There was actually a little more to it than just packing suitcases. We both had very busy work weeks, including a 13 hour workday on Tuesday. Then, besides packing, there was housework, yard work, laundry, prepping meals for the pups for our dog sitter, pack & load camera & lighting equipment, and on and on.

We hoped to leave the house about 8 this morning, but yesterday whooped us a little bit, and there was much left to do. It was noon before we made it out.

But we’re out! Our destination tonight is New Roads, Louisiana. I bought something for Jamie six months ago—too big to be shipped—and we’re finally going to pick it up. After that, we’ll turn north and drive to Jonesboro, Arkansas. There’s a special wedding happening there Saturday, and I’m privileged to be the photographer.

But first…a stop at Buc-ee!

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Tina Foster Caldwell
Tina Foster Caldwell

The folks at that “special wedding” sure are looking forward to seeing you!!!



enjoy!! Work hard...and enjoy some more!

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