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Something New...

When I was in Mexico Beach in November, my friend, Denise, gave me an air plant. I knew nothing about caring for air plants, but she assured me it was easy. Mist with water a couple times a week, give it a "bath" once in a while, and display in the cute container of my choice. She actually gave me a sea urchin shell she found on the beach, and I kept it in that for a few weeks.

Well, you know, one is never enough. I was shopping one day with Jamie in Lowes and happened to see a cute display of air plants. "I'll just pick up another one," I thought to myself. I found two I liked and couldn't decide which one, so I brought them both home.

I wanted a simple way to display them, so I ordered some colored floral wire and made these little holders and hung them in a corner of my bathroom. I felt like the collection wasn't quite complete, so I kept my eyes open for a couple more plants. Another trip to Lowes a few weeks later brought me face-to-face with an air plant in bloom. Well then, you know that one had to come home with me.

To complete my little collection--yes, I think the collection is complete--I added this little beauty...

It's time to do a little research and learn what I have. They do seem to be easy to care for, which is a good thing when you live with Not A Green Thumb.

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