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Somewhere In Arkansas…

We’ve arrived for Amelia and Corey’s wedding Saturday. The house where we’re staying is quiet and has nice views just across the street.

The story of how we found this particular house is kinda amazing. I was visiting my friend, Charlene, and her husband, Steve. Steve is the artist who made both my River table and my desk. My photographer friend, John Blair (who is Amelia’s dad) also does woodworking. I mentioned him to Steve and said I would be seeing him in September in Arkansas. “Really? Where in Arkansas” Steve asked. I told him it was a little town called Mountain Home, and would you believe it’s the same area where Steve’s mother lived. What are the odds?? She passed away in January, and her house is still in the family & not being used. He offered it to us during our stay, and here we are!

Today we had lunch here…for obvious reasons.

We shared a plate, and it was yummy. No photo exists because we ate it all before I could take a photo. But the menu contained such offerings as this…

And now we’re off to hit a local antique market or two.

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