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Sweet Surprise

I’m sitting out in my garden area this evening, watching the hummingbirds and enjoying the quiet.

The feeders are to my left, so that’s where my attention is.

And right in front of me, I get a surprise. Can you see it?

Maybe from the other side…

Okay, I’ll tell you. Planted all around the garden are these fabulous flowering hyacinth bean vines—they’re delicate and massive all at once with gorgeous purple flowers…

..and purple bean pods that add even more color.

When I planted the seeds for these vines, I mixed in some moonflower vine seeds. That’s the heart shaped leaves you see. Moonflowers show off large white flowers with the loveliest fragrance that open only in the evening.

While the hyacinth bean vines have been flowering foe weeks, this evening, right in front of me, the very first moonflower POPPED open!

Gorgeous! And the garden is complete!

Pretty soon the vines will be covered in the evenings.

Stay tuned.

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