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The Bestest Boys

As promised, a post about the two bestest boys, and let me tell you, they've been so good since Little Monster has been here that I'm pretty sure they've earned a steak dinner when it's all said & done. They STILL don't know Kevin is here, but they know they're not allowed in the bedroom right now. And they're so good about it. Neither one is small animal safe, and I'm certain they (Roscoe especially) would be completely uncontrollable if they had any hint of Kevin.

I'm gonna throw up some of my favorite cell phone photos of them, in no particular order.

These boys--Jack & Roscoe--hung the moon as far as Jamie & I are concerned. They're the best little pack, and they just roll with anything. And while you won't find them snugged up together for a nap, there are moments of genuine affection between them. (And we all know Roscoe frets terribly if Jack chases something under the barn and gets stuck there.)

Roscoe is such a gooney bird at times. He makes me laugh every single day.

Little long dog getting a little longer....smooch to that little nose.

This never gets old because it happens every single time we go to the vet, and that's about once a month. Roscoe KNOWS where the treats come from, and he ain't leaving without one!

Alright, here's the deal....Roscoe and Jack get an m&m before bed every night--yeah, I know about dogs & chocolate, but these two stole & scarfed down an entire red velvet cake Christmas a few years ago without any ill effects. They know where I keep the m&m's, and they wait here til I get them.

He's Jamie's boy without a doubt, but this pup has my heart and can do no wrong. I figure he paid in advance his first year of life for anything naughty he might ever do as long as he lives.

And I fell in love with this sweet face the moment I met him in person. It was like an arrow to my heart.

The "no dogs on the couch" rule went out the window some time ago.

My boys....

....yes, they think I'm nuts.

I love love love these boys!!!

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2022

It’s amazing how much richer life is with our pups. Smiles and happiness brought to us every single day. Love them!❤️

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