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The Boring And The Fun

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first…here’s an update on me. I had an appointment with Dr. Ghazi a week ago, and I was sure I would finally be released from physical restrictions. Alas, it was not to be. My back is healing beautifully, the large seroma on the right side is gone, and Maddy aspirated just a small amount of fluid from my left side. I did get released from the bulky compression wrap I was wearing 24/7, but Dr. Ghazi said I must now wear a soft sports type bra with a wide band in the back that will compress my back. Sometimes, I asked, or pretty much all the time? Yeah, all the time he said. He explained that the healing in my back is like cement—it’s dry, and now we have to let it set. Or maybe it’s set, and now we have to let it dry. I can’t remember, but either way, I’m still compressing my back 24/7. And still no yoga class and still no road cycling, though I was told I can slow pedal on my stationary bike as long as I sit up straight and don’t lean forward on my arms. That and walking, I’m allowed to do. While it’s not the news I wanted, I appreciate Dr. Ghazi taking such a careful approach with my healing. I really don’t want to mess anything up now when I’m getting close to the finish line.

And in other news, I’m finished with fills in my tissue expanders. I have 410cc of saline in each expander. I’m happy with the size, and on May 2nd, I’ll have surgery to replace the tissue expanders with implants. Speaking of size, the amount of breast tissue removed during my mastectomy was 821 grams on one side and 861 on the other. My tissue expanders are filled to 410cc each. One cc of saline weighs a gram. And while breast tissue is different from saline and silicone and implants will sit differently on my chest than my natural breasts did, it is my intention to be a bit smaller than I was.

I know this photo doesn't really show you anything--note to self, take new photos--but it's the most recent I have. Taken last week, when Jamie came home with flowers for me.

And now the fun news...the Guardians are growing fast and have become so playful.

My sweet Rocket Man. We play every night after the others go to sleep. Look at that face! The boy can eat and has become quite the little fatty!

Wild woman Yondu is next. Still the tiniest, but not the least bit intimidated by the others. When she gets some size on her, she's gonna run the show. Heck, she kinda runs it now!

Handsome Drax. He's been voted Most Likely To Bite The Momma Before It's Over. He's still a sweet guy, but he doesn't want or need petting from me.

Nebula. She's got a special place in my heart because...well, I'm not really sure why. She makes me work the hardest to feed her. She seems to want to interact with me but on her terms. She has the most beautiful tail--it flows like a fountain.

This is how I have to feed her most of the time. She doesn't want me to hold her, and I can't let her sit on my arm to eat.

They love their little nappy, moved into it as soon as I hung it. And they make themselves very comfy in there. Ahhh...good nap...

They've been here four weeks this weekend. It's a whole lot of work, especially the younger they are. But they make me laugh with their wrestling antics. We're down to three feedings a day, and they're starting to eat Healthy Blocks. I think Nebula and Drax will wean first, and I think Rocket will be the last. Finally, I think Yondu read my last post about not wanting to be petted. She's decided she does like a little bit of petting and wrestling time with me. Unless she's eating-then she jumps and barks at me like that is supposed to scare me. It makes me laugh because she's tiny and adorable!

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