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The Finished Project!

I started this project June 4th of last year.

This is a windmill Jamie's grandpa built over 50 years ago, and she has sat sad and neglected in our yard for years. For several years, she was even hidden by a bunch of bushes that grew up around her. I forgot we had her til Jamie cut the bushes down after Roscoe joined the family. Just sad. I pulled her out last June, washed it off really well, and decided to turn her into something beautiful. I grabbed some sandpaper & went to work.

And here she is today.....I love love LOVE how the project turned out!

I left the bent metal as-is--I wasn't so much concerned with that as I was removing the rust and getting a smooth finish to the new paint.

And yes, she still works and still turns very smoothly.


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Feb 25, 2022

Wow! Looks Great and what an incredible keepsake.


Feb 25, 2022

Great job on the restoratio. It looks fantastic and the fact it still spins is fantastic.

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