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The One You've Been Waiting For...

...the wedding of Erin Blair and TJ Caldwell. Sigh....what a great wedding! Here are photos from their day with limited commentary from me. (Click a photo to view larger.)

The Glass Factory is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and was the site for the ceremony and the reception. The day dawned rainy & dreary, but it didn't dampen our spirits or our hope for an outdoor ceremony. With that hope, indoor was laid out for the reception.

Some of the sweet details.....

The ladies were busy busy busy getting ready, but there's always time for a peek out on the activity, and there's always time for champagne!

Let's check on the guys...

Back in the girls''s all coming together.

First looks...I said to Erin at the end, "The pavement is wet. We can wait to do formal shots til after the ceremony so your dress will be dry for your grand entrance. Or we can go ahead and do some of the formal shots now knowing your train will get wet." "Let's do it!" she replied. I love her!

More details....

Yay! No rain, and the ceremony begins outside as planned. Look at that handsome groom, and that's his dad walking in beside him to officiate the ceremony. And look at that gorgeous bride!!

Sweet ceremony begins, and so do the tears....and so does the rain.

We all rush inside, and the ceremony ends inside, but it's just as sweet. And Erin & TJ rolled with it.

The Interlude between ceremony and reception. This is the time we should be finishing the formals outside, but the rain said, "Nope, not today." Instead, we did a cake cutting right after the vows because....well, look at the cake. It was in serious danger of collapsing. Again, Erin & TJ rolled with it.

First dances...

The Toasts. There were more than a few tears. It's so obvious how well loved this couple is.

Dance, dance, dance. Hey, that John Blair has some moves!

Time out! We gotta get this group shot done.

Time in! Back to dancing!

When the night drew to a close, we ducked out and headed downtown.

Congratulations, Erin & TJ! It was an honor and a privilege to share your day with you! Love y'all much!!

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Sep 27, 2021

awesome images and event!


John Blair
John Blair
Sep 27, 2021

Friend, thank you. I've shot hundreds of weddings so I understand the work you put in. As a proud dad, I will cherish these until the day I die.

You are amazing. I truly hope you know how appreciative Trisha and I are for everything you and Jamie did.

Love you guys.

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