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The Real Clover

I knew Clover was special the first time I met her. When you first meet her and for some time afterward, she's very shy and won't approach you. If you're only around her just a little bit, you'll see a pup that seems skittish and fearful. She's not easy to photograph because she'll disappear if you're holding anything in your hands, camera or cell phone.

In getting this first photo, I knew I had one shot only. Sure enough, I clicked, and she got up & left the room. It was taken at the beginning of my stay here last Thanksgiving.

This shot was taken near the end of the same stay. I spent all week with the camera out, trying to raise her comfort level. Even still, for this shot, I was lying on the floor holding a treat in my hand. She was still quite shy to approach, but I considered it great progress that she stayed in the room.

I knew Clover was special right from the start. She has such a fun, funny, sweet personality that doesn't show when the camera comes out. The real Clover, the Clover Denise and Lu see every day is the opposite of what you see above. And I was determined this trip to capture that. But how to do it when she's so fearful of the camera?

I hit upon an idea one afternoon when I was in the backyard with the girls tossing the ball for Ivy. Ivy LOVES to chase the ball (and the rope toy) and Clover LOVES to chase Ivy. She is her real free self when she's chasing her.

This morning I went out with the girls early with my camera. I tossed the ball and let them do what they do. I'm so stinkin' tickled with the photos I captured! THIS is the real Clover!

I love her sweet little self. Ivy too--she's so patient with Clover chasing after her.

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