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The Rest Of The Story

When last I blogged, I was eagerly awaiting my cast removal the next day. Tuesday arrived, and I was ready--I felt a lot of pressure from from the cast the final couple of days.

Jamie asked me if I was nervous. No, I guess not. Just eager.

Blood pressure check

Oil to loosen the cast

A few tools...not as scary as nasal debridement tools

And then it was done...

I looked to Jamie to get an idea how it looked...

His expression told me it was good!

Lots of swelling, but looking and working great! I'm so happy!

Since Tuesday, the swelling has diminished. It decreases first at the bridge of the nose and works downward. The tip of the nose is the last to let go. I've been trying to take a photo everyday to see the difference and to track the bruising.




Bonus Friday image: my strap arrived that holds my glasses off the bridge of my nose. Don't everyone rush out at once to get one of these trendy little items.


Sunday (today). Yes, two weeks later, I am STILL bruised. Dr. Walker warned me my fair skin would take a hit. And yes, I'm still doing my 30 minute soaks every three hours.

I'll see Dr. Walker Tuesday for the first time since surgery. I can't wait to tell him what a fantastic job he did. I'm lying in bed typing this, breathing so freely and clearly, and it's supposed to keep getting better. The only issue I'm having now is at the site from where the rib graft was harvested. It is swollen and sore, though not infected. I think my breast implant sits right on it, and aggravates it. I don't think anything is wrong, I think it's just a matter of a little bit longer to heal.

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Dec 31, 2023

I could tell when y'all visited today that the bruising was so much lighter than last Saturday. Hope you have continued success.

Dec 31, 2023
Replying to

So so good to see you today, Mickey!

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