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This Makes Me Happy

I met another new friend in my little succulent garden. I don't think it's the same little one as a couple weeks ago. This one--I call him Gregory--is a bit larger and has a crook in his tail.

I was about to step inside with some items from my car when I saw movement in the flowerpot that sits right beside the door. I peeked, and instead of scampering away lickity split, this little fella peered back at me.

I put my items down and very slowly & carefully reached out to him. He still didn't run away. He kept his movements slow & steady too, as though he was trying to not scare me.

He moved to the other side of the flowerpot, and I reached out to him again. And he leaned in a little closer to me. I think he was as curious about me as I was about him.

We stayed right in this position for a good minute. You know I was happy!

I took my items into the house and came back outside a few minutes later. To my surprise, Gregory was still in the flowerpot beside the door. So once again, I reached out my hand, and he came closer.

Maybe he needed a moment to decide if I was friend or foe. Yay! I'm Friend!

Isn't he adorable???

After my encounter with the lizard a couple weeks ago, I did a little reading. These guys are Garden Anoles, and while not a true chameleon, they can change their color from green to brown. I learned they get 100% of their water from drops on leaves and other things; they won't lap water out of a dish. (I left a dish of water out for the first garden anole before learning this.) I thought perhaps Gregory might be seeking water, so I carried him over to one of my fountains & set him down because drops of water are constantly splashing out.

He wasn't impressed and immediately jumped to another plant stand. Thinking quickly, I grabbed my spray bottle and misted the stand. Turns out that yes, he WAS thirsty!

And if you want to see something totally adorable, give this 49 second video a look. I bet you'll smile.

I sure hope he hangs around for the summer.

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1 Comment

Apr 29, 2021

We have Anoles too...Lots of them. I didn't realize they were so friendly or curious. Interesting about how they drink water too. Izzie loved chasing them in the Lanai and around the yard. Susie is not so fond of them...She jumps and screams when they surprise her. I'm waiting on the day one sneaks in the house. LOL

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