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This Post Is For The Ladies

It's been over a year since my bilateral mastectomy and 6.5 months since the final revision of my breast reconstruction. All swelling is gone, everything has settled, and today...finally...I got fitted for a bra. I've been wearing Fruit Of The Loom light cotton front-closure sports bras, and they've been fine.

Truth be told, I no longer HAVE to wear a bra, and lots of days I just wear a camisole type top instead. But I wanted something else to wear under my dressier clothing. Kinda hard to put into words. I don't miss wearing a bra, but when I wear one, I'd like it to be something softer prettier more womanly.

This is Valerie, the sweet compassionate lady who did my fitting. She fitted me in 2022 for a strapless bra to wear to Seth's wedding. It was the best wearing bra and the first time I'd ever worn a strapless that I didn't once have to tug up. I spoke with her last year and told her I would be coming in at some point, and she remembered me today.

She went back and forth from the dressing room, bringing different bras for me to try and giving solid advice and honest opinions on fit and look. I tried on ten or twelve bras--most of them fit everywhere except the sides. Lots of gapping on the sides, but Valerie didn't give up. We were both very pleased when we found two different bras that fit like a glove.

Valerie is wonderful and made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. And she didn't bat an eye at my scars and dents and blank-slate boobs.

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