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Travel Adventures With Roscoe (as told by Roscoe)

Welp, I went on something called ”travel” with The Momma and Daddyman. The Momma said it would be a 3 day travel and the first travel with me AND Jack.

First I watched them put lots of stuff in the car. I got sad because usually when they put stuff in the car, they go away for a little bit. But this time they put collars and leashes on Jack and me and put us in the car too!! I was happy and surprised to find some of my chew toys in there too!

Travel is this: ride, nap, stop, walk, pee, get treat & water, jump back in car.

Repeat that again and again until you do something called “Arrived.” That’s when the fun starts.

I sniffed out a cat and found his hiding spot under a bed, very briefly got stuck under the bed when I dove in after him, and forced my way out the other side of the bed. I briefly got reacquainted with The Crate after that. I saw the Daddyman distracted at the door by a spider, saw my chance & bolted past him and out the garage door, played Chase with Daddyman & The Momma & two others in the dark in this strange neighborhood, sniffed the doggy door i spied at a house, ran like hell when two irritated German Shepherds came busting out that doggy door, fell for the Let’s-Go-For-A-Ride trick (again), and the Chase game was over. I went in the backyard for a potty break and hurt my paw and tracked blood all over the downstairs. And this was all in just the first hour after we Arrived!!

Travel sure is exciting!

The next morning I met a girl dog named Ginger, and I shared my favorite antler with her. We tried to wrestle and play, but my paw was swollen & sore.

I rested in The Crate that afternoon, and then Daddyman & The Momma put our stuff back in the car. I sat by the door so they wouldn’t forget to put me back in the car. I don’t know where we were going, but Jack & me just rested. We didn’t stop as much, which was fine with me because my paw and leg was really swollen. Jumping hurt. The Momma tried lifting me down, but I’m heavy & she kinda dropped me. Ouch!!

I think they were tired too because we were supposed to be Arrived for two more days, but they decided we were going home. I can’t tell exact time, but I heard The Momma say, “It’s one ayem” when we got home. She gave me some medicine in a treat, and I was happy to sleep in my own bed. I don’t know what she gave me, but I still felt snoozy this morning, and the swelling was much better.

The Momma and the Daddyman agreed that this was a very successful first Travel. They say i was a very good boy. I guess Jack was pretty good too.

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2021

Oh my!! What a first travel experience that was! Roscoe, you are some kind of special.

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