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Trip Wrap Up

I was reminded this evening that I've been away from my blog for quite a while. And it's true. Work has kept me sooooo busy the last couple of months--well, really all year now that I think about it. Let me jump back in to blogging by giving you a wrap up of my last trip.

I went to Mexico Beach to dog-sit for two weeks for my friend, Denise, while she & her hubby went to Colorado to see their son, who was returning from a tour in Iraq. The first week was all work as I edited all the work I had photographed the previous three weeks. And it was a lot!! I also edited that lovely engagement session done at the train museum with Erin & TJ. OMGosh, that turned out gorgeous!!! Week 2 I was exhausted and mostly hung out with Clover & Ivy, giving them lots of love & playtime. I think by the end of the week they were as exhausted as me.

Many thanks to some ladies who didn't let me be a hermit all week. Dora & I had supper one evening at Provisions in Port St. Joe (try the Betty Spaghetti if you go. It's amazing!) She also invited me to the beach for fishing one afternoon--the pompanos were running!

That afternoon became sunset, and Lisa & Matt showed up to watch it with us.

Linda drove over from Panama City Beach one morning to see me, and she & I met Dora for lunch at Joe Mama's in Port St. Joe. Another yum meal! And Lisa was kind enough to let Slowpoke Kimbrell take another class at the stained glass shop--this time I made a stepping stone.

BTW, this was taken last year when I stayed, but this is my fabulous friend, Denise. Friends, when I give you a gift from MB, chances are good it's something Denise & Dora made. Together they are Two Beachin' Gals, and I just love their products.

Denise and Lu arrived home early, so I departed MB on Friday and took a drive to The Villages, FL, to see my lovely & sweet friend, Bonnie. This is the lady who doesn't age--look at that skin; it's to die for!

Bonnie cooked a wonderful Shepherd's Pie for supper, and I had two helpings. The next morning when she asked what I would like for breakfast, I had another helping. And I finished it off for breakfast on Sunday. Yum! I sure am glad I got the recipe.

While I am Not A Green Thumb, Bonnie's hubby, Phil, definitely has a green thumb. He & Bonnie fixed me up with many plants and cuttings to bring home, and I'm gonna try to bring a little Florida here. Phil also wears hearing aids, and he's been such a great source of information ever since I got mine. I learn something from him & Bonnie every time I visit.

Prior to my arrival, Bonnie planned a small dinner party for Saturday night because she & Phil aren't my only friends living in The Villages. Amazingly, two other couples from different parts of the US moved there in the last couple of years. I knew all three couples long before they moved there. So Bonnie put together this dinner party that included everybody in town I knew--Steve & Meg from New Hampshire and Joe & Susie from Illinois. (Ok, I've known Joe through photography for years, but I met Susie for the first time at the party.

This photo was taken specifically to send to Ed Maxwell because Surprise! both Steve & Joe know Ed (from Massachusetts) too! What a small world! If you know Ed, you know photos with the middle finger are kinda his thing. So.... (and that's Meg photobombing behind us.

Fun party, delicious food, yummy cake, wonderful company!

Sunday came quickly, and I finally turned toward home. I made a pit stop at the University of Florida Ben Hill Griffin stadium, home of the Florida Gators football team just so I could take a selfie to send to my Florida Gator season ticket holding son, Joey. Then it was about 5 hours home.

I pulled in to town, and my hubby was in the drive thru line at the Long John Silvers. I pulled in behind him, honked the horn, and then jumped out to give him a big hug & kiss. Half a month is a long time to be gone. It was great surprising him!

Home, and my pups were thrilled to see me. The spoiling began immediately, and it only took an hour or so to undo all the training Jamie had done the previous two weeks. Roscoe says, "I'm glad you're home!"

Me too, me too. It was a wonderful feeling to be in my home with my hubby and my pups. I love dog-sitting in MB, but as a young girl with ruby slippers once said, "There's no place like home."

It's back to work this week, and I'm jam packed again. But there's a trip on the very near horizon. Heading northward next time. Stay tuned.

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2021

It was great to see you! It’s been 4 years between seeing each other! Too long! Easter week seems to be our destiny for visit! Looks like your trip was a success!

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