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Two More Things

This post counts as yesterday's post because I started it last night well before midnight. But I kept falling asleep without finishing. I'd type a few words, fall asleep, wake up sometime later, with my phone in my lap, type a few more words, and fall asleep again. Three or four cycles of this before I realized I'd have to wait til today.

I had surgery yesterday . This is it, the last of my breast reconstruction. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am, which meant an arrival time of 5:30. Ugh!

It was just a blink of an eye for me, and I came out at 11:30.

It was close to 1:00 when they brought Jamie back, and it was sooo good to see him.

Funny story here: most of the surgical team came over to pre-op to introduce themselves and to gather me to go to the operating room. I had met the anesthesiologist, Dr. Valarde, earlier, and now got to meet another member of the anesthesiology team...a gentleman named Gordon. I try to remember names, so I spoke his out loud two or three times. He told me, "If you remember my name in recovery, I'll give you a medal." My nurse, Blair, told him I had remembered the anesthesiologist's name after my surgery in May. Jamie told him he better just get that medal ready. Sure enough, after surgery and even before I was fully aware (because I don't remember this at all), I acknowledged two people: Dr. Ghazi's PA, Maddie and Gordon. I do remember thanking him by name in recovery and him telling me he didn't have a medal with him.

I made it home and have mostly rested and slept. I did go out to the bucket garden to cut some parsley for Bill and Ted, and that brings us to the second thing.

I found Rufus on the parsley I cut, and he's now joined the Excellent Adventure. He's the big guy in the middle.

And who knew caterpillars could poop so much!

Well, now we all know.

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1 Comment

Aug 17, 2023

If they eat allot, well they must 💩 allot!😂

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