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Update On Ollie

Thank you all for the good thoughts today for our little princess. Her dental and tooth extraction went well, she came through it in true Ollie fashion, and she’s home & (finally) resting.

I had work that took me out of town all day today, so Jamie handled everything with her. Here’s the photo I received when he dropped her off this morning. She wasn’t very happy because her breakfast was never served.

Jamie got the all clear to pick her up about 4:30, and he received some very surprising news when he did. In the process of cleaning her teeth and removing the abscessed tooth, it was discovered that Ollie was missing an additional seven teeth!! Little girl doesn’t have a single tooth in the upper front of her mouth. We didn’t know; obviously it’s been a bit since we looked closely in her mouth, although she had a thorough exam last year. She never gave any hint that she was in pain, and the vet said she never showed any sign of pain today. They cleaned out all the roots from these missing teeth, and bones are now strictly forbidden for her.

Here‘s Little Miss on her way home.

Once at home, she never missed a beat. Jamie was told she may not feel like eating today, but this is Ollie we’re talking about. Here’s the text I received from Jamie:

Nothing slows this little girl down. She’s been in to everything and acts as though she didn’t just have a little surgery. We can already tell she feels better, and we’re slightly worried about the level of mischief she’ll make now that she does.

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Feb 25, 2021

Wow!!! She’s so impressive!! I’m so glad she didn’t miss a beat!! Thank you for the update and also for making me LOL!!


Feb 25, 2021

good news! Go and tear it up little girl!😍

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