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We Took A Little Trip

It's only July, but boy, it's been a long exhausting year. The blessings though, have been too numerous to count, and many of them have come at times least expected and from persons we barely know. The latest was the gift of a weeklong getaway from a lady I met online through a dog auction on FB and in person when Roscoe & I stayed a night with her during our whirlwind trip to New Hampshire. Her name is Cindi, and she's an angel walking on this earth.

Cindi has a house on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A couple months ago, she told me she'd like to gift Jamie & I a week at the house to celebrate and heal. Any week I wanted, and last week was the week. It wasn't until the trip drew close that we realized just how exhausted we were and how wonderful it would be to get away from everything for a few days.

To reach the house, we drove to Cedar Island, NC, and boarded a ferry for a two hour trip across the water to Ocracoke Island. We're pretty simple people, so you know this was big excitement for us and cause for many photos.

Welcome to the island, home for a week.

This little fella was waiting on the deck to greet us when we arrived at the house. We met several of his cousins over the next few days, both inside the house and out. None wanted to come home with me though.

After unloading the car and unpacking, we took a two hour nap and then made our way that evening down to the beach. Gorgeous and mostly empty that time of day. Heavenly.

Later, we took in the sunset from the crow's nest atop the house. We were relaxed already.

The next day we ventured out and had lunch at a place by the water called Smacknally's. Their website is here: Hushpuppies for an appetizer.

Little fact about me: I'm not much for stepping out and trying new foods, especially when it comes to fish. (Actually, especially when it comes to anything. I'm very boring.) But life is short, and I decided I would, indeed, step out--much to Jamie's surprise and delight. I ordered the catch of the day, Spanish. It was scrumptious, and I ate every bite. When I told this to Seth later, he quipped, "Life is short. Eat the fish." I think that will make a great tee-shirt.

Back to the beach that evening. Almost all our beach time was in the evenings, because I just don't do the sun-worshipping thing anymore.

Sunset at the beach, mostly to ourselves again. Perfection!

We took a walk the next morning, and I found a road named just for me...

We met some locals. This is Mamie, and isn't she a doll?

This was the neighbor's kitty, though I didn't learn his or her name. I shall call you Kitty That Reminds Me Of Toothless. (Toothless was Seth & Faith's cat, who left for The Bridge earlier this year.)

Our stay coincided with my birthday, and my sweet man grilled steak for me.

We shopped at some local boutiques, and I found a little statue of me. I wish now I had bought it; it'd be perfect in my bathroom.

We found this sweet little spot by accident.

And later, we visited the Ocracoke lighthouse. It celebrated its 200th year earlier this year. Here's a link if you'd like to learn more:

Back to the beach that evening. No getting wet this day; we just walked and picked up shells.

Okay, we weren't SUPPOSED to get wet...

Ocracoke has wild ponies. They used to roam the entire island but are penned now for their safety. They have nearly 200 acres to roam. I was tickled to get a glimpse of them after three visits to the Pony Pen. Another link for you with more info on the ponies:

After seeing the ponies, we had lunch at the Ocracoke Oyster Company. Once again, I stepped way out and had flounder & crab with THE best sauteed green beans I've ever had. Had I known the price beforehand, I probably wouldn't have ordered this--because I'm a little, frugal--but our waiter made it sound sooooo good! And it was! I ate every single bite! Yummy!

With full bellies and guide book in hand, we set out on a walking tour of the village to learn a little bit about the history of Ocracoke. Did you know the infamous pirate, Blackbeard, was killed in 1718 just off the island? Here's a couple links for you: It's possible the William Howard who purchased the island in 1759 sailed with Blackbeard back in the day:

Another evening at the beach, and this time we did swim.

And we still had the beach mostly to ourselves.

The next day, we caught the Hatteras ferry and took a one-hour trip to Hatteras Island.

We saw the famous Hatteras lighthouse. It was moved in 1999 due to erosion of the shore where it was originally standing. We learned about the process of moving it--fascinating--it took 23 days to move it 2900 feet. Of course I'm including a link:

We drove north to Nags Head and visited the Bodie Island lighthouse. This is actually the third lighthouse for this area. More here:

Continuing north, we reached Kill Devil Hills, the site where the Wright brothers, Orville & Wilbur, made history with the first airplane flights.

After that, we made our way back to Hatteras Island and caught the 6:00 ferry to Ocracoke. We made some new friends while on board.

In the background you can see a passing ferry going to Hatteras Island. The ferries are the highway system for Ocracoke.

I did so well staying out of the sun at the beach but the sun caught me on our sightseeing day. Ouch!

Next morning we went fishing, and here's Jamie showing off what was the biggest catch of the day. Yes, seaweed.

We're not fishermen, but it sure was fun!

We went to the beach a little bit earlier this day because it was our last day.

I've found ocean water to be good for my hands when my eczema flares, so Jamie filled a jug and bottle to bring home with us.

Early the next morning, we caught the 7:30am ferry going back to Cedar Island.

On board with us....I didn't pet him because he was wearing a Service Dog vest, but I just know he's a very good boy. As is the other pup in the photo.

We agreed that it was the best, most relaxing vacation we've ever taken.

One more stop before heading home. We toured the USS North Carolina battleship in Wilmington, NC. It was something my parents had taken my brothers & me to see when we were kids.

Oh Ocracoke, what fond memories I have of our time spent together....

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cindi, for your generous gift to us. It refreshed and restored us. Much love.

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Jul 08, 2023

Looks and sounds like you had an awesome week!


Jul 08, 2023

Beautiful vacation! You both look fantastic. ❤️❤️

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