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What A Difference A Year Makes

Almost fifteen months, actually, between these photos. We redid the photos we took in early January of 2023, right before my first surgery. We've documented every step of our story, and this was the closing chapter. We made a date night out of it, and I even put on makeup for the occasion.

The photos are a little soft, because I had my camera set on a tripod and pre-focused where I thought we would be when I stepped into each photo. I had a remote trigger, but it wouldn't reliably trigger the shutter from the distance to the camera. So I put the camera on self-timer. For each shot, I pressed the shutter release and then ran back to where Jamie was standing & got into place. It was quite a hilarious scene for the neighbors, I'm sure. Anyway, my focal point just a bit, but I love the photos anyway.

Here's the first photo taken in 2023... I love this photo; it's framed and sitting in my living room. We knew we had tough days ahead of us, but we were blessedly unaware of just how tough the days were gonna be.

And now this, taken last weekend. I know, right? Look at that man of mine! He's not on a diet; he's made a complete change to how he eats. And it isn't something temporary. It's his normal now.

Another one from 2023 that I love... This one is framed and sits on the dresser in my bedroom.

Last weekend...

Side by side...

I love us. Times can be tough, but we're tougher. And, as I told someone today, we're in a good place.

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31 de mar.

looking great!

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