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What A Difference In Six Months

This was Jamie on March 23rd of this year...

About three weeks after this photo was taken, he committed to a complete overhaul of his way of eating. He started low-carb and intermittent fasting.

Six months is Jamie trying on new pants...

That's a 32" waist pair of pants he's wearing. He started at 40" back in April, and he's worn as big as a 44" in the past.

He'll tell you it's a lifestyle change, and he'll tell you that he doesn't feel a bit deprived. One thing he WON'T tell you is this comes from busting his butt in the gym. He won't tell you that because all of this has been achieved WITHOUT a single bit of exercise. He's ready to start working out now, but his progress til now is all down to changing how and what he eats.

Thank you, Jamie, for getting healthy and for sharing what you learn with me and for inspiring me to eat healthy too. The future really is wide open to us. ❤️

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