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What's A Girl (Photographer At Heart) To Do?

I'm on work rest--no jobs & no editing for three weeks. I've been dealing with a pinched nerve since late February/early March, and the break was much needed. I haven't picked up my camera, and I've almost totally disconnected from my computer. It's been great!

And then yesterday, the hummingbirds arrived to my garden. I've had the feeder out for weeks, and nothing. Jamie can tell you that I've fretted over the absence of the hummingbirds. A week or so ago, one shy little bird started showing up but only in the evenings, and I was lucky to catch a glimpse of him. He seemed to get a little bolder three days ago, and I could sit out in the mornings & see him. It all changed yesterday!

It started in the morning when I spied a different hummingbird at the feeder. Suddenly I had several hummingbirds fighting over the feeder and buzzing around all the flowers. They aren't shy a bit, and I can sit out to watch them at a close distance. I even had one hover close to me to check me out. Heaven to me.

I love love love watching the hummingbirds. They're the final piece to my garden puzzle; it just comes to life with all their activity. For a day and a half, I was satisfied with snapping photos & video with my cell phone. This afternoon though, I couldn't stand it any longer and broke out the big camera.

This vine seems to be a favorite sitting spot, and these photos absolutely tickle me.

The wait was worth it, and I'll rest tomorrow.

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1 comentário

10 de jul. de 2021

Awesome! We saw our first hummingbird the other day too. Just one. Incredible photos!

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